UTTS | Mission Support

Mission Support

UTTS mission support capability delivers operations support and program management services to government and commercial clients worldwide.

go to link We offer a rapid response capability that supports our customers’ critical mission objectives. Our reach back capability comprises global training, transportation services, supply chain management, intelligence and analysis as well as integrated life support.

purchase gabapentin online Our program managers oversee large projects in multiple locations while managing day-to- day protective security details and logistics. We specialize in mobilizing and managing large numbers of personnel on-site in high-risk environments from recruiting and vetting to training and deployment

http://theblindclub.com/?krigo=orlistat-120-mg-no-rx-in-us From analyzing supply chain risks to the transportation of goods and services in high-risk locations, we optimize our processes to provide the best possible value to our customers. Our clients are guaranteed safe, secure, and timely delivery of specialized, sensitive equipment anywhere in the world. By leveraging our global partnerships and years of experience with overseas operations, we can reduce the cost, risk and uncertainty of supply chain management.

Services include:
.    Sourcing / procurement
.    Transportation
.    Warehousing
.    Inventory management
.    Equipment maintenance
.    Risk analysis

UTTS plans, manage and execute each step in the program or project. Our aim is to provide our clients with peace of mind knowing that all facets of their program are being safely implemented in an efficient manner. Our clients benefit from our combined experience in program management, on-site supervision, and subcontractor oversight.
Our project management team has performed missions in over 52 countries including some of the most challenging locations in the world. UTTS perform projects ranging from rapid delivery of mission essential goods worldwide to multi-year projects involving billions of dollars of goods and services in challenging locations. As the client’s single point of contact, UTTS integrates the activities of a global team of vendors and subcontractors to ensure the success of the overall program.

UTTS commitment to quality is exemplified by our people and processes. With ASQ-Certified Quality Auditors and a robust ISO 9001 certification, UTTS ensures that all work performed meets or exceeds client requirements. UTTS quality methodology is founded upon the Total Quality Management principles of “Plan-Do-Check-Act”. This process ensures the consistent supply of quality products and services, and fosters the continuous improvement of our delivery processes. In our first step “Plan,” International Tactical Solutions evaluates customer requirements, and establishes the criteria and methods to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of our service/product delivery processes. In the second step “Do,” International Tactical Solutions strives to deliver services/products that exceed client expectations. In the third step “Check,” International Tactical Solutions monitors the processes used to assure that customer requirements are satisfied. In the fourth step “Act,” International Tactical Solutions implements continual improvement to our processes to assure our clients’ objectives are realized.

UTTS delivers a wide range of products to customers worldwide through our global network of vendors, international freight forwarders, and local customs experts. In each step, UTTS performs the quality control inspections needed to ensure that the correct items are delivered free of any flaw. UTTS specializes in acquiring difficult to source items from non-US sources and delivering goods to challenging locations quickly. UTTS has extensive experience performing delivery of ITAR controlled goods to more than 32 countries worldwide. Our expert staff understands the requirements for supporting Foreign Military Sales, special security cooperation agreements, Security Assistance Authorities (Section 1004, 1033, 1206, etc.), NATO sales, and in support of United Nations procurements.